BlogLove VI

Ah well, I never said I was perfect. Lets just say the BlogLove is going to be a semi-regular occurrence, but hey did you see the new spiffy page, BlogLove Arizona. Yes, that is right I’m coalescing all that great Arizona Bloglove onto one page so you don’t have to sift through mounds those whopping six posts called BlogLove to get to that link you saw once. OK, I admit it. I wanted to see what adding a page would look like.

Without further ado,

1. Local Arizona Blog Tucson Food Dude This is another of those bizarre occurrences where you’re chugging along (or in this case checking out Twitter) and you stumble across a cool local blog AND then you realize you know the blogger. Kevin and I worked in the same area years back, which is completely different subject matter than his very fabulous food blog that is a must read for anyone seeking to venture out into the culinary Tucson night.  That isn’t to say Tucson is a dark abyss when it comes to gastronomic delights, far from it, unless you’re talking fish or tomatoes, but I’ve been spoiled.

2. Adoption BlogReadingWritingLiving is a blog about parenting, justice, on being an adoptee, adoptee rights (Did you know that adoptees in our state do not have the right to view their own original birth certificate?) and life. Susan is fierce. She is also a lifetime WW member so she has me beat on the control of food issues.

3. Miscellaneous –  I’m part of what feels some times to be a fairly exclusive club, except unfortunately it isn’t as exclusive as I’d like. I’d like to keep all you guys out of it. That’s right, bugger off. This is my club and I’d like out too, but only in a positive manner. My Heart Sisters is a fabulous blog written by Carolyn Thomas addressing the number one killer of women in the US, not breast cancer, heart disease. Carolyn and I belong to the society of women victorious over heart disease. (Victors? Survivors? Muddling throughers? I’m not sure the best term.) Given the state of affairs in our home the past few months, the following posts have been particularly apt. Now, before you run off thinking “Ahhh, yes poor Tepary. Her of the cardiac arrest.” Lets go back to that figure, #1 killer of women: heart disease. Often misdiagnosed or ignored in women, heart disease doesn’t only show up in the over 50, XY caucasian crowd. Oh no, heart disease is all about equal opportunities and sometimes it even plays favorites. It is a real piece of work like that. My Heart Sisters applies to you, whether you’re XX or XY. For those of you who don’t know me IRL, I was 28, in fabulous shape (130 pounds), active, no drugs, never smoked, and relatively okay on the alcohol consumption (the choice in men is a whole ‘nother story).  Go on, go check it out.

Oh and happy birthday to my awesome father-in-law. Your gift is held captive on my knitting needles. It will be ready before you get down here.
Grandpa and Bean earlier this year.



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6 responses to “BlogLove VI

  1. Hello again and thanks for your kind comments about my blog

    But I just want to correct any impression that I can add the letters “MD” after my name. I’m not a doc – just a ‘dull-witted heart attack survivor’ as I like to say, but one who was sent home from the E.R. with an indigestion misdiagnosis despite presenting with textbook heart attack symptoms (crushing chest pain, pain radiating down my left arm, blahblahblah) And there’s nothing like enduring two weeks of increasingly debilitating heart attack symptoms before finally being hospitalized and correctly diagnosed to make one into a stark raving activist about women’s heart disease. Thanks for being one too!

    Loved the shot of Grandpa and Bean fishing… 🙂


  2. It’s funny how paths cross in different ways at different times, isn’t it?

    I’m glad you found my Twitter account and made your way to my blog, as that brings me – happily – to yours! Thanks for the blog love. You made my day.


  3. Ooh, thanks for the link to Tucson Food Dude…on the rare occasion that we make it out sans kiddos, we’re always stumped on where to go and usually end up at one of our tried-and-true spots.

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