What are you going to do now?

It is the constant question since I announced my resignation. A question I struggle to answer:

So, what ARE you going to do now?

Students ask, friends ask and some not so friendly folks comment too*. Since when did my job become all that I am? A few days ago a student asked, incredulous that I might have something more to me that just my work at the University,

But when I think of you, I think of you in this room, talking with us and you seem so happy and comfortable here.

I was finally able to laugh out loud and answer him somewhat confidently,

I am happy doing this work with you and the other students, but there is more to my life than this office, and the work I do here. I’m going to live life. I’m going to invest some time in the parts of life that have been suffering from lack of attention.

I think he understood. I work with a group of highly motivated, often singularly driven, young adults, and that there might be more than a career goal aspiration seems completely alien to them. The student and I had a long talk about balance in life.

My friend Rebecca, wise woman that she is, suggested that I just rotate my answers each week. I think this is a fine idea. The stated answer this week?

I’m going to enjoy being a parent to my daughter to a greater extent.

Actually, this is true for each week.
tulle light
A somewhat lazier start to the days than previous.

* I got a nasty comment a few days ago on a picture that I had taken of Democrat Raul Grijalva. I assume this person had searched on Flickr for Raul Grijalva and seeing my support for Congressman Grijalva left a comment to the effect that they were going to send $ to his opponent and I should enjoy my ‘unemployment’.

There was something that seemed like intimidation about this comment. Effectively, it was an anonymous comment from someone I don’t know, that made light of my decision to resign, and was not asking me why I felt the way I do about Grijalva, just that I was wrong. I deleted the comment and blocked the individual from leaving further comments. Flickr has a fairly clear terms of use policy. Thing is, I don’t believe this individual is even in the state of Arizona, and what really floors me is the repeated Biblical references in their Flickr account. How does an individual who purports that Jesus is their guide justify leaving nasty little messages on a stranger’s pictures?

If you have a question about my politics. Be specific and ask. I’m willing to discuss. I am not going to getting into a pissing match. Okay, maybe a little.

This goes out to the individual who left the message:
I take it you have read my blog given you knew about my resignation. Maybe you’re reading now. Upon receiving your comment I decided to donate to Grijalva, Goddard, Camenisch, Kotterman, AND Giffords, and they’re getting some of my time in phone calls etc. Thank you for prompting me to get off the couch and donate time and money.



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5 responses to “What are you going to do now?

  1. wackademia

    i love your photos. and i love your message.

  2. Yeah, screw that nimrod I’ll never get the hateful bible beaters thing, but I want to second wackademia’s comment. Your photos (and this one particularly) have a quiety beauty that just, well, sings.

  3. Go you! Your comment just motivated me to donate as well. I am sure this is not the response that Anonymous wanted. 🙂


  4. Gorgeous photo, too, Tepary.

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