BlogLove VII

I’m really loving the shortening of daylight right now. Actually, that isn’t quite accurate, what I’m really loving is that the later sunrise means that Bean is waking at a semi-decent time, 6:45am Wahoooooooooo! The temperatures have just dipped in Tucson in the past week or so, and if I was elsewhere in the country I’d be sharing pictures of pretty red leaves, children wrapped up in lovingly homemade sweaters, or a bowl of steaming soup. Alright, in my fantasy life I would be anyway. I’m here though, and so I’m going to share a picture of what I won’t be knitting for Green this year.
I can just see my better half leaping at the chance to bundle up in something like this.
My mother-in-law picked up these three Make-It-Yourself books at the thrift store she volunteers at up in Northern NE. There are some cool things in it, but this man cardi isn’t one of them.
Awesome find from my MIL

Okay BlogLove VII.
This week I am not short of local blogs to share, but I have to pick just one. Today’s local Arizona blog to send some love to: The Sweetness of Doing Nothing from Leah.

Part of what I love about local blogs is seeing the area from another’s perspective. In Leah’s case she is a transplant from Oregon, a state I dream about moving to. She has the whole Etsy thing going on too. Check out this great post about the history of aprons. I’d be all over her aprons if it wasn’t for the obscene amount of fabric in our home, some of which was bought specifically for the purpose of making aprons. Leah, how about selling that pattern on Etsy as a downloadable PDF? I’d be all over that.

Adoption BlogRage Against the Minivan
Today I can’t find the ‘about’ page for this blog, but what I roughly remember is, that she was an agnostic/republican that is now a christian/democrat. I’ve just found this blog, but I’m kind a digging it.

Miscellaneous Blog – Okay this is a bit of a different choice, ACAA Food Stamp Challenge Blog. I stumbled upon this while reading the Diaper Bank of Southern Arizona’s new Facebook page

The Arizona Community Action Association are just wrapping up a challenge where participants limit their total food budget to the weekly budget of a typical food stamp participant, $30. The participants get to share their experience on the blog.

We’re going to have to cut back once my income disappears, but eek! This would be tough. I admit I’m happy that the week challenge is over just as I’m finding the blog, I’m not sure I have the gumption for such a challenge. The information on the site though is fabulous, and watching the experience of the participants enlightening. Then, I think about how on earth actual families using Food Stamps would even begin to pay for diapers and my head just begins to hurt. Some of the personal accounts on the homepage are rather amusing, but a quick look over at the facts about SNAP & Hunger in AZ page are sobering. One in five Arizonan children live in poverty. So wrong.



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6 responses to “BlogLove VII

  1. Jen

    Very interesting links, Rachel! That man cardi is too much. definitely a candidate for the Museum of Kitschy Stitches.

  2. KC

    I really like these bloglove installments. Thanks!

  3. Aw, thanks for the shout out! I’ll have to look in to the whole PDF apron pattern thing…I’ll let you know. And for the record, I was born and raised in Tucson (I’m actually Tucson’s official Bicentennial Baby, but who’s counting? šŸ™‚ …Left for college and was gone for many years, and moved back with Papa and the kids nearly 2 years ago. It’s been an interesting transition. Anyway…Thanks for the love!

  4. PS, thought I’d respond to your comment here… My mom (Carolyn O’Bagy Davis) is an author and historian, and has written many books. In fact her book, Hopi Summer just one the One Book Arizona honor, so next Spring there will be a bit of publicity around it, and she’ll go “on tour” around the state to give some lectures and lead some discussions. Really exciting for her, we’re proud!

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