Beer. Local AZ wheat beer.

Remember this post? Fast forward five weeks after the initial brew date which used this:
and we have this:
Which went exceedingly well with this:
and these:

The dedication of the new Native Seeds/SEARCH Agricultural Conservation Center was this past Friday. A thank you for all the muckity mucks who had donated to the building of the center. As part of that thank you they got to sup beer my Green made from local white wheat grain. It wasn’t malted so it turned out more like an amber than a wheat beer, but even I thought it pretty good.



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4 responses to “Beer. Local AZ wheat beer.

  1. littlehousesouthernprairie

    BEER AND BROWNIES?! Good thing I live at the opposite end of the country.

  2. It all looks amazing! Yay Native Seeds Search! Yay Green’s beer! Yay you are sending me a box of brownies! ::wink wink:: Your photos always make me want to figure out how to use a real camera. And on top of that I wanted to feed your ego and tell you that I went out this weekend and mentioned your blog & my friend is also a reader. So there, you are famous. Hurray! Ok, so send those brownies right away before they get stale. xo

    • Those brownies were awesome, but I didn’t make them. Does that mean I’m no longer famous? I’m more of a cookie baker. Must get my friend from work, Beth’s, recipe before I leave as it is the best ever!

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