Hey there Pumpkin

When we first dating my now husband was crushed to find out that Pumpkin wasn’t a term of endearment reserved solely for him, but also for my two beloved dogs. Eventually, he understood that being called Pumpkin just like them was high praise. Now my daughter is Pumpkin, and I call pretty much every other child under the age of six is Sweetie or Duck or some such name. I use few terms of endearment with adults when in this country, but on occasion I still catch myself tempted to call a student dear, or duck, or love. I don’t.
It isn’t a gender based thing and I don’t find it patronizing when I’m back home, but I am aware that it rubs many here the wrong way. Oh, this isn’t going anywhere. I was just thinking about pumpkins and that occurred to me.

Green and I met eight years ago tomorrow at a Halloween party, we married 3 years later. I still call him Pumpkin on occasion, but now I have a whole host more terms of endearment to call him, None of them express just how happy I am that we met eight years ago. (Thanks to Wackademia) There aren’t enough pumpkins in this field to do justice,
but this apple crumb pie and the Pumpkin devouring it, well it might.
Apple Crumb Pie



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5 responses to “Hey there Pumpkin

  1. Granny

    What a great picture, that little girl looks as if she is really enjoying it. It is my new screen save.

  2. deserthomespun

    looks like a wonderful time! is that farm around here?

  3. I am so thankful to Wackademia!
    I vividly remember that Halloween season, and it gives me shivers sometimes to remember seeing you before the party where you met Green, how it seemed to be just another party….
    (I met S in October of 2002 as well–isn’t that odd? What did the universe–or our two Australian Shepherds (one earthly, one not)–have in mind for us that month?

    It’s like “okay, we’ve been holding out on you two–but you seem like good lasses, so here ya go. Don’t fuck this up.”

    • We didn’t fuck up! We might have before, but we both chose well when the Universe and stars, or our Aussies colluded to throw these two unwitting souls in our path. Maybe it took a little while to realize what gem was right there in front of us, but we did. Thank goodness we did.

      You did my make-up. Remember that? Perhaps twice that night.

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