BlogLove VIII

This is my first week I’m not working. At least, not working outside the home. I feel a few years younger I swear. I don’t seem to have got much done this week, but I’m still looking for my pace in this new environment.

Without further ado, BlogLove VIII

Local Arizona BlogThe Burrow by Ashleigh Burrow. I admit that I spend a not insignificant part of my time reading Ashleigh’s Blog wondering just what age she is. Yes, she has grown children, but I’m old enough to have grown kids too. It is just given the nature of human biology I can say for a fact that I don’t. Wow, no idea where that came from. Mostly, I read The Burrow for Ashleigh’s insight on everything from matters of the heart, parenting and family, explorations of intellect pursuits , local and national politics and of course Tucson. As with the Arizona Writer (who needs to post more) Ashleigh can turn a phrase beautifully and I long to be able to write which such grace and, of course, grammatical correctness.

Adoption Blog – Parenthood Path

Yes, we’re still talking about adoption and I’m still reading about experiences of adoption from the adoptee, first mother and adoptive parent perspective. Kristin of Parenthood Path, along with Bobby and the Mama have given me incredible support and I am very grateful. Kristin’s most recent post touches on one of the egregious aspects of adoption in this country, the birth certificate. Did you know that about adoption? How does your state handle the birth certificates of adopted children?

Miscellaneous Blog Love – Civil Eats
I discovered this blog recently and it is a wealth of information about where and how are food comes to us. They address issues that might be a little uncomfortable for us as we complain about the price of hand-picked fruit; opportunities to be local and sustainable and food politics. Read it. Tell me what you think.



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2 responses to “BlogLove VIII

  1. Hey, I just headed to your blog, hoping for another good read. I was delighted to find a new post…and surpised to see the nice shout out for Parenthood Path. Thanks!

  2. lia

    I have that same lost feeling the first week of summer every year. So many plans to get things done but with kids you’re still busy and all of a sudden it is dinner time.
    Thanks for the links.

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