A Handmade Season- starting with a Birthday

Disclaimer: My name is Tepary and I have a yarn/fabric addiction.
I don’t sew, knit or crochet as much as the vast quantities of yarn and fabric I have would suggest, but I’m working on it.

Happy Birthday C!

Clem Bubble Skirt
Today, despite a crappy head cold, I turned out a Bubble Skirt for a sweet C’s b’day. I am a domestic diva! Snotty-nosed domestic diva, but still. You’ll be pleased to hear I’m not personally delivering the skirt or my snotty cold.
Check it out, it is reversible:
Clem Bubble Skirt
I’m going to make a similar coordinating skirt for Bean too.
There is almost two years between C & Bean and I love seeing the friendship develop between them. Bean gets to play the role of pseudo big sister and she is bloody good at it. C, well she might be one of the sweetest, most fun characters below the age of four I know. Her mum and dad qualify in the over four (or even forty) category.

Reading time

Check out the fabric in the bubble skirt. It is Willow Berries and Willow Shrooms from Alexander Henry. Did I mention I love fabric? I actually didn’t have to wait in the mail for this fabric. There is a fairly limited number of fabric stores in Tucson. Rather there are several nice stores that stock quilting cotton, but not much of the designers I like, certainly none of the delicious Japanese stuff and tasty apparel fabric. If you’re into cats and batik fabrics you’re set, but the rest is fairly limited. So it was a special treat to order material online and not have to wait for it to be mailed, but pick it up from the mama behind Above All Fabrics earlier this week. Got to love supporting a local online rather than an online store based in another state. Does that still count as shopping local?

Good thing I’ve got all this fabric and yarn. Now I’m not earning, our gift giving budget is pretty much none existent. (Lets just say I made a few important omissions when I did the initial five budgets before handing in my notice.) So, dear family, this year I’m making good on my threat to make all homemade for this season of giving. If you have any particular requests, this is the time to let me know. Otherwise, you may end up with a bubble skirt (Just need your waist to knee measurement and your waist measurement. No, it isn’t particularly flattering to those over about eight years old. Yes, your backside will look huge in it, but dependent on what culture you live in that could be a good thing.)
What do you think? Swanky market bags? Bags for laptops or cameras? Or perhaps you need an apron for those kitchen goddess days. Okay skip that idea. A folding case for your iPad (which I’m going to covert). Dad, I’m drawing a blank right now for you. Flat cap?



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11 responses to “A Handmade Season- starting with a Birthday

  1. i don’t sew, but i wish i did and thankfully my mom does (for me). i need the pattern for that bubble skirt – it is soooooooo fab! my baby penelope needs one or ten asap!

    is the pattern available online? is there a pattern? how can i get it? thanks!!

    • I’m sure there are patterns out there. If your mum sews I bet she could do this without a pattern. I basically made two tubes of fabric, sewing selvage to selvage. The inner piece was 4-5 cm longer than the waist to knee measurement. The outer piece was 10cm longer. Then, making sure I had the material the right direction (if the pattern has a direction) I put the inner/lining inside the outside fabric, so the right side of both fabrics was facing. Okay, maybe a photo tutorial would be better. Hmmm. I sewed those two together at what would be the bottom edge. and then about two centimeters up from that sewn hem, I sewed another hem and allowed about a 3 centimeter opening so I could feed a narrow piece of elastic through. I think the elastic was about 80 – 85 cm in length. Once the elastic was through I sewed the two ends together and finished the hem off. This gives the bottom cinching. Then I turned the skirt inside out so that the outside fabric was now right side fabric facing out, inner lining was right side out, but in the lining position. Does that make sense? I folded and pressed the top edge (wrong side to wrong side) of the outer fabric about once centimeter. Then I folded the outer lining again, again toward the inside(wrong side to wrong side), this time large enough for the elastic that I would use for the waistband. This was folded over the raw edge of the inner lining. (This really needs pictures.) Then I sewed the very south edge almost all the way around leaving an opening for the elastic to be threaded through. Obviously the elastic for the waist should be waist length.

  2. dragonflywoman

    Love the skirt! It’s so cute! I’m glad to know there are other people with fabric/yarn addictions. πŸ™‚

    Have you ever visited the website for Spoonflower? (http://www.spoonflower.com/welcome) You can design your own fabric and have it custom made for you! I’m really tempted to give it a try sometime, but it is kinda spendy…

  3. Love the bubble skirt and fabric!! Maybe I can commission on in my size. πŸ˜‰ Missed seeing you at C’s birthday yesterday – but snapped some cute photos w/ J’s camera of your cute family. Have J send them to you….xoxo

  4. Moni

    I am ready to join you except that I would have to leave out most everything from the budget πŸ˜‰

  5. deserthomespun

    the skirt turned out great! and it’s great to know about a local online store we can support…

  6. Susan

    I am the mother of portlandsun and I just made the skirt, following your dorections! It came out great! Thanks so much for taking the time to write out the directions for me!

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