First Emergency Room Visit

Our friend Julia HATES chickens. I mean really hates them. She grew up on a farm a where they had hundreds and they did not leave a positive impression. “But Tepary, they peck each others eyes out.”

My MIL, on the other hand, also grew up on a farm and loves our hens. “Those are the friendliest hens I’ve ever met.” referring to ours, she says.

Well, sometimes they get a little too friendly. After some loving gazing into each others Rosy the Hen thought she might give Bean a wee kiss on her eye. Ouch. Nothing major, but a little bit of blood in the eye. So given that chickens aren’t necessarily the cleanest of beasties, all that scratching around in the dirt, and given they pecked her in the eye we made a quick call to our friend Julia who has a few connections in the local hospital world and off to the hospital we went.

I have to say it was the most pleasant ER trip I have ever made and I’ve made a lot. It was also the first visit to Tucson Medical Center’s ER. Did you know they have a completely separate area for kids? It never occurred to me before, but when you have a little one, being in a completely different area from where all the drunk or high wackos is really, really nice. Everyone working in that area is there to work with children and it shows in their demeanor and sunny dispositions. There are even childrens’ videos in the rooms. Add to that, we were in and out of there in an hour if it wasn’t for the $125 copay it would have be a rather pleasant outing. Never in my long history with ERs have I ever been so quickly addressed AND they waited until the end to deal with the payment stuff, unlike a certain other place that usually sends their rep in before you’ve even seen a provider.

Bean? She is fine. A little hematoma (bruise) in her eye. No scratches, no problems. Hopefully, we won’t have any need to go back for a long, long, long time and now we can cross that off our list of firsts.

And Rosy? The accused hen is back in the coop and threatened with accompanying dumplings or spaetzle one evening if she repeats such shenanigans.

Thank you for all your help this evening. It was invaluable. I still love our hens, but you may have a point about some aspects of chickens.



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4 responses to “First Emergency Room Visit

  1. Eeekk! Glad to hear she’s ok… And thanks for the heads up on TMC–that’s definitely good to know! We had one trip to the ER last year and yes, the experience was…memorable. 😉

  2. Jen

    Ah, the first ER visit. You are only a few weeks behind me. Split chin from scooter accident. Chicken beak to the eye. So much of motherhood is unpredictable! Glad Bean is OK and that the trip was tolerable.

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