Health Food aka Chocolate

If a fruit is covered in dark chocolate, the fruit wins out and you’re eating a health food right?

I was going to write a post about heart health, my heart health, but that is too daunting. Apparently, I’m not ready. I am ready, however, to talk about chocolate yummy health foods and how you can cover up the evidence of consumption from suspecting spouses who are trying to fulfill their appointed (by yours truly) role of making you accountable for your chocolate intake.

At my former place of employment there were candy dishes everywhere. Everywhere. Loads of crap candy, and I ate it by the handful. It is hardly surprising that I didn’t take the pregnancy weight off, but now I am no longer bombarded by temptation I’m trying to ease myself into a more reasonable relationship with chocolate. Enter in Trader Joe’s dark chocolate covered pomegranate seeds. Fruit and dark chocolate. I think I might be onto something, although I’m not losing weight despite less chocolate and more exercise.  Perhaps the dark chocolate covered fruit is only a health food if, as a friend says,

served with a glass of red wine for the antioxidant triple threat

Obviously, that is what I’m doing wrong. Must drink more red wine.

Talking about ways to love the dark chocolate? Dark chocolate covered Altoids. Suck off the chocolate and then the sharp bite of the Altoid. No one will ever know that you were eating chocolate, and if no one knows does it count?

That is it for tonight’s chocolate interlude. If only there was some chocolate in the house.



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6 responses to “Health Food aka Chocolate

  1. The same rule applies if the chocolate is combined with a protein, right? I just frosted 12 cupcakes for the big birthday celebration this afternoon…and smeared the rest of the dark chocolate frosting on a slice of bread with peanut butter for lunch…with a cup of coffee…yum.

    Bring on the party boys, I’m ready!

  2. Hello from northern england:) Great blog, I’m learning a lot. Try a cacao smoothie – so tasty it must be good for you;)

    pamela x

  3. Mum

    As a fellow chocolate addict, the only cure I have found is to give it up altogether. I have tried this many times, and like the drug addict and alcoholic, I return to it. Saying you are a chocoholic does not have the same negative connotations of course. I did try just giving up milk chocolate, but lapsed very quickly.
    I am feeling very smug because at the moment, I have not had anything with chocolate in it for a month and have told family that I have given it up, in the hope that I don’t get the usual wonderful chocolates I usually have for Christmas and birthday.

    Unfortunately, I have developed a craving for carrot cake with icing and nuts. And this is much more expensive than chocolate and also available in the new coffee places at work.

    If all else fails, blame your early childhood when you weren’t allowed sweets. I was also deprived as a post war child, with sweet rationing in place.

  4. Trader Joes has chocolate covered cranberries and blueberries…they are full of chocolate but I count it!

    sandy toe

  5. You make me smile! And dark chocolate covered sunflower seeds are killer too. And pumpkin chocolate chip cookies are actually semi healthy if you throw some flax in the mix & use dark chocolate chips. I can get you a recipe. xo

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