Three Years, Nine Months

Tidy kid

Three years, nine months is a really fun age. Case in point:

Yesterday, before we left for preschool,

Bean: Mummy, can you tidy my room up so it is nice and clean?

Tepary: Well, I can help you to tidy your own room.

Bean: I can line my shoes up and make my bed all nice.

Tepary: Yes, that sounds like a great idea. I’ll do some while you’re at school.

…later that day after a quick pick up of toys, clothes and, wait for this… the actual usage of the vacuum.

Bean returning from preschool runs to her room.

Bean: Oh wow! This looks great. Thanks…

opens closet

…Oh no!

Tepary: Oh no? What?

Bean: Mummy, you didn’t do it all.

Tepary: No. No, I didn’t.

Bean: Hmmmm

Today, before preschool while standing in our bedroom and surveying the stuff everywhere,

Bean: Mummy?

Tepary: Yes Pumpkin

Bean: I think you should tidy your room today

Tepary: Silence

That’s right Mum, laugh. I know 6,000 miles away that you are rolling around in hysterics. Wait, have you been coaching her?

Three years, nine months is a fun age.

Just for the record. I wrote this down while sitting at the mechanics. The state of my room is just the same as when we left this morning. I don’t think I’ll let Bean anywhere near it in case she decides to inspect. Eek!



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4 responses to “Three Years, Nine Months

  1. Megan

    My daughter is the same age and says and does the silliest things. Just today she insisted on making my bed and when I told her we had to go she told me “one more minute mom I have to finish”. They are quite adorable little people at this age.

  2. Mum

    I’ve always had great expectations of her. It was the cute way she could reach out for the brush and rattle at such an early age.

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