Middle of the Night Ramblings of an Insomniac Mama

A few months back I bemoaned to an old friend the fact that Green cuddles with Bean while she goes to sleep.

It makes it so difficult for me when he is away. She wants me to lay down and rub her back and then I always fall asleep and I have all these other things to do.

Now, this was an old, good friend. You know, the sort of friend who has known you since college, and tells you to buck up when you need to, but will be there with baked goods or a lovely fish pie (Grief, that was a great pie) if you need that. She is also a friend with a lovely teen daughter. Her parenting approach has yielded great results so far. I’m going to listen to whatever she says in that lovely Irish lilt.

Tepary, Bean won’t always want you to rub her back and cuddle. Enjoy it now. It is precious.

Or something to that effect. It has been several months since this conversation, and just as with the sage advice of another dear friend regarding food battles, letting go of all that ‘book advice’ and re-prioritizing has proved delightful.

Am I reversing that ‘sleep training’? Well, I’m not sure we did much ‘training’ as such. Yes, I will curl up with her now and rub her back, but Bean can still fall asleep without us. She will go back to sleep on her own if she wakes in the night. Although that going back to sleep has taken a new form. A few nights ago, she apparently woke up and plundered the fridge and her lunch box of snap peas and ‘read’ books in bed(I found the evidence the next morning). Still this time, curled up with her is precious. Just like it was nearly four years ago.
Bean 2007 She seems to be sleeping just fine.

The only problem? I’m awake at 2am because I fell asleep from 8pm until 11pm ish. Dang insomnia.
Luckily, I have no big Black Friday plans. Well, none that involve buying copious amount of crap we don’t need (yeah International Buy Nothing Day), but I am attending a baby shower and perhaps doing a little searching in Cyberland for a ganga deal so I can meet Lisa’s challenge at Help A Mother Out.
Hey, wait a minute, I think I have it!
I can finish off the homemade gifts (photos to follow) AND donate in their name to Help A Mother Out. See, blogging in the wee hours can bring inspiration. If only to myself. Wahoo!



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5 responses to “Middle of the Night Ramblings of an Insomniac Mama

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  2. I’ve been living by this philosophy for the past few weeks. I really think it is what allowed me to get through finals week without completely losing my mind. I felt so smothered by my students, only to come home to a child who wanted to cling to my legs as I prepared his supper. Instead of losing my cool, I chose to bask in the fact that my child wanted to be with me more than G or S. Made a world of difference in my outlook!

  3. Funny how that shift in perception can help so much. Hope the Spring Semester is easier.

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