I Love Road Trips

Back home in the UK, friends and family take off on exotic adventures to foreign lands when they go on vacation. They often go several times a year, sometimes for a couple of weeks, and they are regular folk. The US isn’t the same. There is a much different attitude to vacation. I think there is less emphasis on vacations and as such they seem to take a different form for most people here. Enter in the road trip.

While road trips are not the same as the leisurely jaunts to the continent, I love them all the same. That is our vacation.
The US is perfect for road trips. Long stretches of tarmac with ever-changing landscapes, quirky radio stations, small town cafes and truck stop food. It is typically much cheaper for the three of us to travel by road then air. It is also an opportunity for me to put my feet up and knit. Yep, that is right. Road trip = knitting + long conversations with my honey. Hey, he likes drive! We all like to visit dear friends too and so our vacation was a week in beautiful Boulder with fabulous company. Many thanks to M, M & G for hosting us this past week in Boulder and to A & T for letting us crash in Albuquerque. You made our vacation. The road trip was the icing.



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2 responses to “I Love Road Trips

  1. Alex

    So sorry we missed you this time around! Glad you had a good trip and I hope we can see you again soon. I love road trips too – unfortunately J is less thrilled about spending hours in his carseat, but maybe someday he’ll enjoy it more.

  2. KC

    I adore road trips too. We do quite a lot of those in our family too!

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