Bean discovers the Photo Booth

Tonight, after we’d had dinner and opened the 8th day on our secular advent calendar (can you even have a secular advent calendar?) I let Bean type a note to her best friend “Miena” on a blank document on the computer while I did dishes. Green had taken off to play frisbee and I just wanted to get some things done quickly. At first all I heard was tap tap, tap tap, tappity tappity tap tap, but then I started to see what looked like flashes of light coming from the front room. “Hmmmm,” I thought “must be the neighbours backing into their driveway. Then Bean ran through,

Mummy, come see. I’ve been making pictures of myself on the computer.

Oh sh*t, oh sh*t, oh sh*tty, sh*tty, sh*t

think I and run through to the front room. In my head I’m imagining an image in permanent marker on the screen of the computer. Imagine my pleasant surprise when I see this instead:

Photo 37 Wahoo, I can pull silly faces.

Photo 46 And almost touch my nose with my tongue like the dogs.

Photo 38 Wait, what do I look from the side?

There are just shy of 20 of these images that Bean took without me showing her how to take the photo, how to access the application, how to do anything. They’re hysterical.

I thought I’d get in on the act:
Photo 59



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6 responses to “Bean discovers the Photo Booth

  1. Oh, I love this!!! What wonderful photos, and what a special moment with your little one.

    (And I’d love to learn more about your secular Advent calendar, as we’re thinking a lot about building holiday traditions around here that aren’t holy…)

  2. Love, love, love these. Such great moments captured.

  3. deserthomespun

    hilarious! it’s amazing what those little ones can learn so quickly, technology-wise.

  4. could not love this post more. and that last photo is a snapshot of joy, isn’t it? what a cute little bug she is!

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