On becoming a Fairy God Mother, Mother Superior, Matron Saint, Mother’s Helper or Mother Superior

After complete punking

Yesterday I thought about just reposting last year’s Boxing Day post, but thought that might be a little too sloth like so decided to curl up and sleep instead. Then this morning Help A Mother Out sent out an email (you can see it here as a post) , an email that fits perfectly with the whole Boxing Day theme along with the New Year Resolution idea, and it reminded me that I was long overdue in my thanks to you.

First the thanks:
To those reading who have supported Help A Mother Out here in Arizona,

In late October the President of the Board of Directors for the Diaper Bank invited me out for coffee (I had a nice herbal tea). What she told me, astounded me. Between the various events Learn to Knit, TucsonMama Mother’s Day Diaper Drive (you can find my Italy blog through this link), Clothing Exchange, and Cinema La Placita Diaper Drives and general donations, we (as a group) have been one of the top fund-raising and social media awareness-raising groups for the Diaper Bank. The president wanted to extend her thanks. So from her, from the babies whose behinds are now covered, from the families who have to worry just a little less,and from me, a huge heartfelt thank you.

Okay back to the email. Check out who it is from. Yep, I’m one of those folks signing off at the bottom. All pretense of internet anonymity has evaporated. I must admit that my contributions to the email are um, minimal. There are some folks putting in a lot of hours into this effort. It is impressive the impact that Help A Mother Out has made in the past 18 months, and the potential of what we can do in the next year – with your help. So if you’re able, consider becoming a sustainer with a monthly donation. It can be just $5 as a Mother’s Helper or you can have a larger impact. Anything helps.

In the coming year, your support will help Help A Mother Out build the Safety Net Fund so we can bulk purchase diapers at significant discounts; establish a Rapid Response Fund, which will enable us to address diaper need during times of emergency in California and nationwide; and continue to grow our national grassroots network of moms, advocates, and supporters.

Now I’m not bringing in an income our ability to help financially is limited, but I have some Help A Mother Out projects in the planning stages that I’d love some help with if you’re up for it. Help that isn’t necessarily monetary in nature. Through Help A Mother Out I’ve realized I can, with the help of friends and family, make a huge impact and I don’t have to have a large pocket-book to achieve it. That we aren’t powerless. That contributions, however small, make a difference. I’ll come back to the projects in the New Year. Keep your eyes peeled for more info.

I want to give a special shout out of thanks to TucsonMama, TMC’s Julia Strange, Rebecca and Erin of Crafternoon, Trish and her mum, for their unwavering support and insights.



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3 responses to “On becoming a Fairy God Mother, Mother Superior, Matron Saint, Mother’s Helper or Mother Superior

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  2. I’d love to help, tell me more about what you have planned! One of my resolutions for 2011 is to do more work in my community now that I have 2 kids in school a few mornings a week… We also sold a house yesterday, so I can give a little cash to some good causes this year which will be fun too!

    • Oh fabulous Leah! Thank you and congrats on the house sale, it looked like a beautiful home.

      The first event planned is a clothing swap, March 12. Help A Mother Out (HAMO) is partnering with St. Mark’s Preschool (we get to use the hall, yeah) 3rd and Alvernon. The basic idea is from TucsonMama’s clothing exchange last year, but a bit bigger. Participants bring, say 5 items of freshly laundered, gently used (no tears or noticeable stains) children’s clothing and a pack of diapers for the Diaper Bank, and get to pick out some sweet clothes that fit their kid. Last year I scored a fabulous cow outfit to add to the costume drawer, a nice pair of pants, and some really nice pjs that didn’t look as if they’d been ever worn. There were some other wonderful scores. I know I have some clothes of Beans that have never been worn that I’m bringing into mix.

      I’m looking for help in several areas on this event
      1. Spreading the word – through your blog, to friends, through Facebook and other advertising dependent on skills and connections 🙂
      2. I’m going to start collecting clothes beforehand, I’d love help on sorting at some point.
      3. On the day (March 12 – morning of)at the entrance with intake checking incoming clothes and receiving diapers, getting clothes hung up etc., dependent on the size of event helping with the kid entertainment (I’m thinking it would be nice to have face painting, bubbles, and well something else.) cleaning up.
      I think I may need to form a small workgroup/committee just so I don’t fall behind. I think you have my email.

      I’m also talking about doing a Learn to Crochet in our backyard, compete with homebrew and quiche. That would be in April. Lastly, I really want to do a Yoga in the Park to raise funds for adult continence supplies, probably in May. Twenty percent of requests to the Diaper Bank are for adult diapers, and they’re bloody expensive and no one wants to talk about the need despite the fact that 50% of women will have some issues at some point, and 25% of the whole population will have need for such supplies after the age of 65. Wow, I think I have a whole post here. I think the Yoga in the Park might be more of an awareness thing. Phew, I think I have a whole post here or two.

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