Meet the New Addition to our Family


No, not Laura, although she is welcome anytime. That hairy little thing in her arms. He doesn’t have a name yet. At eight weeks and about ten pounds we are fairly clueless as to how big he is going to get, all luck of the dice when you bring home a pup from the shelter. Green is hoping for twenty pounds, I’m gunning for thirty.

I knew we’d bring another dog home from the animal shelter at some point, just wasn’t sure when or how old or really anything. I haven’t had a dog this young since my D. was a pup, which was back in ’93 and she died in Jan 2009. Huxley was just shy of a year when I got him. The lady at the shelter dissuaded us from an older dog thinking that this one fit our family better. He is asleep on my lap right now. No name. The cats are curious. The hens are asleep and so should I be. Wish me luck. I think I might be in for a fairly sleepless night as I’m on puppy duty tonight. Oh, and name suggestions gratefully accepted although maybe not taken.



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13 responses to “Meet the New Addition to our Family

  1. Very cute. He looks like a Jeff to me. Or possibly a Geoff.

  2. What a cutie pie! My boys have been begging for a dog for some time now… Mama and Papa can’t decide if we should get a dog or have another baby–definitely not both!

  3. Ahhh….so cute! You’ve had a Darwin and a Huxley, so I think it’s time to give Alfred Russell Wallace his due. That pup looks up to the task of carrying three names to me. I think he’s going to be a good one.

  4. Darling. Congratulations. I have a new kitty from the shelter and I’m so enjoying her.

    • Yeah for new kitties and doggies from the shelter. Hmmm, I should introduce our kitties at some time here. Have I even mentioned them? I know, I’m such a dog person, but I do love these cats. They were rescue cats. Tammy, what say you to pics of your new kitty on your blog. I mean, I know it isn’t exactly a kitty type blog, but…

  5. Cheryl Ryan

    I love the ears. I wonder if they’ll stay flopped, or if they’ll be pricked? How fun to have a puppy!

  6. What a cutie-pie! Congratulations! You are a brave woman.

    The first thing that came to my mind was “Smudge,” though that really doesn’t go with your prior, more intellectual pets. Or, how about something like “Pinto”?

    • I should note that the cats and chickens aren’t as intellectual. Must share some day. I really like Pinto, but my husband’s post doc advisor was Pinto I think so we probably wouldn’t get far with that. Nice guy.

  7. Emily Achenbaum Harris

    So very very squeeeeeeeeee-cute!

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