Presenting Alfred Russel Wallace

WallacePSA copy

I proudly present Alfred Russel Wallace, hereafter known as Wallace to his friends. The rest of you ruffians can call him Mr. Alfred.

When I first got Huxley I debated between calling him Huxley or Wallace, but he was just more of a Huxley. I’d like to call our new family member Alfred, but there are three of us in this house and I lost that vote. So Wallace it is. Sarah, you were right there along with my dad and my bestest buddy, Rebecca, in suggesting Wallace. Thank you.

Today Wallace made it through his first vet visit with flying colors despite some rather intrusive actions on the part of the vet, and attempted to chew through the handle of my favorite bag that I brought back from Italy. Forcing me to conclude that the addition of a puppy to the family is some elaborate plot by my better half to make me pick up my shoes and other junk off the floor. Green and Wallace might win this battle. A battle that my mother and father tried desperately to win but failed at.

Don’t you just want to give him a gentle noogie on that lovely noggin?



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3 responses to “Presenting Alfred Russel Wallace

  1. deserthomespun

    he is a cutie!

  2. Heee! He’s adorable. Puppies are so irresistibly cute (probably a defense mechanism; otherwise no one would put up with the other traits of being a puppy), and this one has an extra helping of cute. Also, love the name. These are the kinds of names all my pets would have if it were up to me. (Instead, it’s up to my son, which is why they all have cartoon-character names.)

  3. He’s SOOOOOOOOOO adorable! I really want to eventually get a doglet to complete our fam.

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