Tucson-Bike Vigil

We were all set to join the Bike Vigil for the victims of Saturday’s shooting last night. Bean was all bundled up against the cold night air and then we couldn’t find the plate that locks her bike seat to Green’s bike. Aghhhhh! Not to be thwarted Bean and I went down by car to the U of A mall to watch the vigil. I know it runs contrary to the whole Tuesday Night Community Bike Ride, but still we went, and I’m pleased we did. As the mass of bikes traveled down the UofA mall, headlamps twinkling, riders speaking in hushed tones, it was another reminder of the beauty that does exist within our community and the shared hope for peace, solace and healing. This is Tucson Velo’s video.



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7 responses to “Tucson-Bike Vigil

  1. Wow… I am amazing and proud that everyone is finding ways to come together in their own ways. Love this city 🙂

  2. deserthomespun

    it is amazing that everyone is finding their way to share in this tragedy…

  3. How great; I’m so glad you were determined to go. I think more than the “bike” spirit of it was the community. Tucson is an amazing community.

  4. Just beautiful. I hadn’t heard of this but what a great idea. Thank you for sharing this!

  5. Thanks for sharing. Im planning another family friendly Bike Vigil ride this coming Tuesday at 6:30

    • At the UA Mall again? When you have details let me know and I’ll share on TucsonMama.com too. We’d be interested in joining you. This time we’ll make sure to have the yellow lock thingee for the Topek bike seat this time. Oh, there were tears when Bean saw everyone on their bikes and she couldn’t join them.

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