Dear Janet Weiss and Maggie

You're no Rock n' Roll fun

Dear Janet Weiss* and Maggie**,

My not quite four-year old set up a pretend drum set this morning, complete with 'cymbals' which she added shortly after this picture. She then proceeded to 'play' the drums and sing "You're no rock n' roll fun" over and over again for about 40 minutes. The 'drum set' is still in the living room. I've been instructed not to move it. Her drum sticks? Child's knitting needles. I'm pleased they're being used.

Thanks for being the inspiration,
One heck of a proud mum

She has to get her bangs at least down to her eyes so she can do the whole hair toss thing.

I think that musical gene leaped a generation.
* Janet Weiss was the drummer for Sleator Kinney. I think she is in the very last video here.
**Maggie, my dear friend, brilliant artist and absolutely bloody amazing drummer.



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14 responses to “Dear Janet Weiss and Maggie

  1. That’s absolutely wonderful. You should be proud!

    We had a cardboard guitar and drums set up in the spare room for about a year.

  2. KC

    I love Sleator Kinney!

  3. deserthomespun

    how cute!

  4. When we renovated our kitchen last year my boys had their own enormous house/maze set up outside for months with huge cardboard boxes that the cabinets came in, complete with doors, windows, skylights. Duct tape and cardboard = hours of fun.

  5. Rachel F

    Awesome! In a couple years, we’ll have to send our junior rockers to Rock ‘n Roll Camp for Girls.

  6. Jen

    I think she is going places!!

  7. Mum

    Beautiful picture, have now got it as my desktop. You can see that her Granny lives in Liverpool, the culture thing just had to come out! Although you may need to build a sound proof cabin down the road once she starts wanting the real stuff.

    Which reminds me – do you want your guitar back, or just hope she sticks to the drums.

  8. yay! Janet is a friend of mine and will be in Tucson in a few weeks playing with Quasi at Hotel Congress on Feb 21st – an early show – you should go!

  9. Alright, putting it on my calendar, crossing my fingers.

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