Tucson – A Response

Last week we pedaled over with a bunch of others from the University mall to University Medical Center to the vigil for those hurt in the shootings on January 8th.

The front lawn at UMC is covered with flowers, candles, balloons, cards, good wishes, love, hope and memory. While the rest of the world has moved on, we’re still here trying to put it together and learn. I’m afraid that already there are some predictable responses demonstrating a complete lack of logic, reason and humanity. Tempting as it is to just say “oh well”, it isn’t reasonable or decent. So what do we do?
From Bike Vigil to UMC



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3 responses to “Tucson – A Response

  1. Tuscon is still ever-present in my thoughts.

    Love. It’s all you really can do, sometimes. And it’s nearly always the best reaction.

  2. I agree with Kimberly. When there’s nothing you really can do, you can lead by example, love, and hope. You have such a loving heart, I know that is exactly what you are up to, in the wake of this tragedy and always. xo

  3. wackademia

    Tucson is still very much in our hearts and minds. Oliver’s one year birthday will be a bit bitter sweet, because it falls so close to the one month anniversary of that horrible day. But then again, watching from a far as you all have joined as a loving community should stand as a reminder to me that there is STILL good in the world.

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