Tucson -State of the Union & Junto

Over on The Burrow, Ashleigh Burroughs, aka Suzi Hileman, is reflecting on the President’s State of the Union and asking what positive steps we’re willing to commit to publicly. So here I am, thinking about an idea that has been bubbling on the back burner for the better part of two years. Not a novel idea. A borrowed idea, but I think an idea with potential.

I want to hold a monthly Junto of sorts. A time when like-minded folks explore an issue of relevance to our community ex. health care, education, and immigration. A time to challenge assumptions, rethink and refine ideas and then take an action. Right there, a letter written, a phone call made, a status update complete with action that friends can make.

There are plenty of wonderful organizations in our fair city that allow us to do this, but right or wrong, I’m unlikely to attend these meetings. However, I do make time for friends, for family. This junto would consist of friends, an excuse to get together, for children to run around the yard, a safe place to explore ideas where you don’t feel like an idiot for not knowing some governmental procedure, but rather feel empowered to find out. Somewhere in the house I have notes on this idea, scrawled in pencil while talking with friends. Ideas about topics, guests we could invite to explore ideas. I worry that it would dissolve into inaction, but then at least we would get together and talk. There would be beer. There would be deviled eggs.

So my public commitment is to email 5-8 friends and ask them if they want to join me. Of course, if you’re reading and you’re interested you could always just let me know too. I would suggest a date in late February to meet. I’m going to move on this within the next week.

This is my commitment.

Update: Several friends and interested parties notified by email. Will follow up to let you know what happens and if it works out.



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4 responses to “Tucson -State of the Union & Junto

  1. Count me in girl. What a great idea!

  2. Go, YOU! Great idea. Wish I lived closer. I hope you’ll report regularly on how it goes.

    (I know I owe you an email…)

  3. Jen

    I’d love to junto with you all.

  4. Sounds awesome. And fun.

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