Craptastic Parenting and Governing

I got a call Monday afternoon from Bean’s preschool that she wasn’t feeling so good, so off I popped straight out of a meeting (why yes, that does sound like work doesn’t it, more on that later) and picked her up. A low grade fever, gunky eyes, a fierce cough and a not too sunny disposition. I got her home and she was all giddy and happy, and I thought ‘well so much for that.’ However, Bean was up through the night. Of course, I sleep like a log so I wasn’t up much. Green pulls that duty more often than not. (Ear plugs? I don’t know what you’re talking about.)

Yesterday morning we decided to keep her at home; she seemed fine, I mean snotty and coughing, but happy. I took her with me to Trader Joe’s to get her some milk and a little wine for me. We were doing fine until we get to the check out. I’m just picking up the bag full of wine and a gallon of milk thinking that I must like look like a total lush when I hear this pitiful voice,

Mummy sob Mummy sob, sob, sob

I feel wet on my legs first, and no I wasn’t having that kind of senior moment. I turn around. My poor little girl is standing in a pool of her own vomit and holding up her vomit-covered hands and the shocked silence is giving way to utter audible horror. Her clothes are wet, her shoes are wet, my clothes have been sprayed and the smell is just delightful. Bean hasn’t vomited since the first 9months of life when she had terrible reflux, she has no memory of this feeling.

After apologizing profusely to the Trader Joe’s cashier we make our escape, unable to help much with clean up given the sniveling pukey kid. Why didn’t I realize how bad Bean felt? I’m not sure she knew she felt so bad.

Yesterday afternoon was all about sleep.
Sleepy Sick Time

And the point of this post? Hmmm, nothing really. Perhaps a gentle introduction to puke before you read this article which certainly made me feel sick. I’m not bothered by the divorce proposal, but by the adoption issue. It is primarily a proposal to obstruct gay couples and individuals ability to adopt in Arizona. Yes, it would work in our short-term favor as a heterosexual married couple, but it is wrong, and in the long-term it does no favors to the kids or to our community. You know the drill. I’m sure I’ll be back with an easy click let your rep know how you feel. Oh, Arizona.



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4 responses to “Craptastic Parenting and Governing

  1. Oh, poor girly! And poor you! FWIW, I’m pretty sure every parent has a story like that. Not craptastic parenting at all.

  2. Rachel F

    Yep, we have all been there (well, not literally there in Trader Joe’s, that sounds particularly hellish). I am always surprised by my girl’s puke episodes, even when they’re preceded by complaints of a stomachache. Hope she’s on the mend quickly (and that you emerge unscathed too). xo

  3. I already posted Linda Gray’s (R-Glendale) contact info as the bills sponser, on my facebook. You’d absolutely LOVE her…here’s a gem from her website:
    “While their [her election opponents] recent mailers of piercing words of untruthfulness hurt, it is nothing compared to what was endured by Christians in the latest book I read called Tortured for Christ by Wurmbrand. Please read the book and realize the great freedoms in our Constitution.”

    Like Bean, I just vomited.

  4. Poor thing. I feel your pain. Mine is home with a 103.3-degree fever, and puked at school yesterday. It happens.

    Ridiculous bill. Come on, Arizona.

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