Follow-up on Craptastic Legislation

Not exactly the same, but related to the last post.
This speech by a 19 year old Iowan about his family to the Iowan legislature as they debate House Joint Resolution 6, which threatens to end civil unions, is powerful. Our legislature should listen to this young man. Of course, that assumes that our legislature are capable of listening to anything other than the drone of the Tea Party. Dang it, I hate that they’ve co-opted the term tea party.



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5 responses to “Follow-up on Craptastic Legislation

  1. Carolyn Thomas

    Thanks so much for sharing this video. The tape was played this week on CBC, our national Canadian radio broadcaster. This young man – can you believe he’s just 19?! – moved me to tears when he looks up and says: “If I were your son, Mr. Chairman, I believe I’d make you very proud.”

    This was an absolutely brilliant 3-minute presentation that I hope will bring true tolerance and acceptance to those who need to hear it. Any word on how Iowans are reacting to it?


    • Unfortunately he didn’t sway the Iowa House of Representatives. The vote was 62 to 37 in favor of the amendment which bans civil unions. Three so called Democrats joined the bigots. However, it still has to pass the senate and I think that there is a greater chance of this awful proposal being squashed there.

  2. wow…I am still speechless. Well said. All my respect to a 19 year old who is more mature than some 30 years old. Touching speech….

    • Dace, wasn’t it a beautiful speech. I mean awful that he even has to explain this to people, but he did it so well.
      ps. checked out your fabulous blog. What an amazing resource.

      • yes, the speech was beautiful. Such a wise young man. It is a good proof that gay parents can raise an educated, intelligent, smart and respectful person that will make a difference and who actually is already making a difference.

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