What are you going to do now? Revisited.

Oh yeah, I’m going to hang out & play with my kid, go to cardiac rehab, lose those last 30 pregnancy candy pounds, get our finances in order, get our adoption paperwork in order, cook lots, garden, craft, photography, diaper stuff, and have a great time. Well that was the plan. The reality? Well, I think it is about time for a little reflection:

– Hanging out & play with Bean more YES
– Going to Cardiac Rehab (I spent most of January and right now with enough of a cough/cold not to subject my fellow cardiac rehab participants to my germs.) MOSTLY
– Lose the last 30 candy pounds NOPE, well 3 pounds.
– Get our finances in order PRETTY MUCH
– Adoption paperwork HANGS HEAD IN SHAME
– Cook lots YES
– Garden YES
– Help A Mother Out YES Check out the upcoming Swap-O-Rama
– Have a great time, HELL YES.

So what else am I up to? Well, it didn’t last long before I was back in work. I’m helping my old place of employment out at the moment, and a new very exciting opportunity with a wonderful community-based organization is on the horizon. It is all part-time, but it adds up. Looking over this list I know what I have to move to the top, cardiac rehab & weight loss and of course adoption paperwork. I’ve been working through some issues regarding us proceeding with adoption and I think I’ve done that, but until I did that I’ve filled up my time with all kinds of things. Classic avoidance technique. Now at least adoption paperwork time is written into my schedule.


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