Valentine Girl

Bean turns Four

Whirlwind of events over in our neck of the woods. Our Valentine girl turned four. Yep, four!
How did she go from this:
Bean 2007

to this:

Climbing monkey

So quickly?

There was a party, of course. This year the party was much smaller from years past which, for sanity’s sake, was a good thing. A zip line was installed as a b’day gift and a reading nook arranged in her room. Both were a huge hit with the birthday girl.

Okay, I’m off to photography class. Wish me luck, I’m handing my first assignment in. Somethings never change, I was still up into the wee hours burning the CD, resizing images, and pondering what to include in my contact sheets.



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5 responses to “Valentine Girl

  1. Alex

    Aww, happy (slightly belated) birthday to your lovely girl! That cake looks delicious…

  2. KC

    Hey if it’s digital then it’s easy. Love that portrait of your little girl. Well done!

  3. Thanks KC. This time it was all Straight Out Of the Camera (SOOC) no cropping even. Cropping is my friend. I’m sure I’ll subject you to class images in the next few months. Mawhahaha

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