All that worrying about the junto was for naught. It went off without hitch. A fine group of people gathered and we have a plan in the making that engages us more readily in our community, a plan to share, to learn, to act. I’m excited. Thanks to those who were able to make it, I can’t wait for next time. Until then, I have an appeal late this Monday evening to any Arizonan who may be reading.

Please contact your state house representative. You can find their information here, there is a link to figure out what district you’re in if you’re not sure. Tomorrow in the full house, the vote will be on HB 2416 (Rural women will lose access to abortion entirely, as abortion-by-pill is the only form of care outside Phoenix and Tucson. The proposal aims to reduce abortion early in pregnancy, since abortion-by-pill is used by women in the 6th to the 9th week of pregnancy.) and HB2443 (requiring women to state why they are obtaining an abortion.) I urge you to call your representative and tell them to vote no on both cases.

If they truly want to reduce the number of abortions in this country rather than driving women to back street abortions they will say no to copays on birth control* and make it so that the women of Arizona have easy, consistent access to birth control. If they truly want to reduce the number of abortions in this country they will invest in fact-based and proven sex education program that doesn’t rely upon the proven failure of abstinence only education. If they truly want the best for Arizonans they will make sure that when a woman has to make what is an incredibly hard and painful decision to end a pregnancy, they do not make it more painful under the assumption that this is some flippant decision. Jackie Speier put this best on the federal House of Representatives when she shared her personal experience having to end a wanted pregnancy.

I think there is middle ground here. We can find it and do the best for Arizona.

*When I was teaching, my ‘good’ insurance didn’t cover the pill which I was prescribed for another medical reason other than birth control. I went to Planned Parenthood because I couldn’t afford my medicine otherwise.



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2 responses to “Arizonans

  1. So sorry I couldn’t make it. I was home with a hacking, snotty nosed kid… Hopefully next time!

  2. I will never understand why they’re so anti-birth control. If they really wanted to limit abortions, they’d be in favor of all the birth control and education we can get our hands on. But they’re more concerned with being control freaks and sanctimonious, moralizing, high-horse-mounting hypocrites. Sigh.

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