Snow Flurry

We made a quick trip this weekend to Bear Creek Cabins in Pino Altos, New Mexico this weekend with friends. Hot chocolate, peppermint schnapps and Bailey’s were the order of the day. Bean just settled for hot chocolate, or as she says “Hot! Hot! Yo, we got it! Hot chocolate!” It apparently must be said as sung in the Polar Express movie. I had images of knitting curled up by a fire, but I think next time we should spend a few more days there so I have time for such luxury.
The snow came down thick and fast on Sunday morning. So thick that just two hours after it started falling we were getting stuck trying to get out of the drive way and the road from Silver City to Lordsburg was closed. I wasn’t going to argue with that nice police officer who was braving a veritable snow storm to turn us around.

The white stuff on Bean’s hair – snow.



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4 responses to “Snow Flurry

  1. KC

    That place looks really cute. What an incredible amount of snow!

  2. Lovely! Wish you’d had more knit-pearl time too, but glad you got a mini-break.

  3. OK, now I totally have that musical number stuck in my head. Honestly, I didn’t even like the movie, but that song stuck with me. Any time anyone chants “Hot, hot” at a dish or whatever, that song immediately plays in my head, so I’m totally with Bean.

    Also, sounds like a lovely time. I’m jealous. Snow, family, and good drinks. Doesn’t get much better.

  4. We have a house in Silver City! Every time we go in the winter we hope for snow…

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