Who am I kidding?

It wouldn’t take much to figure out who I was, so what the heck why not share the press. Swap-O-Rama is tomorrow. I’m battling with a new printer where the cartridge is apparently already empty (HP Photosmart piece of junk) after just a few uses and a kid who is still sick. We are however getting some nice press for the diaper drive. If you’re in Tucson come on down. If we haven’t meet before I’ll be the one looking a little frazzled, or may be hung over or both.

East Tucson Macaroni Kids shared the Swap-O-Rama love and asked me to write a piece for the newsletter which came out yesterday. (This is the point at which I remind you all that I was a science major in college.) This is a piece in our local weekly alternative called the Tucson Weekly by Mari Herrera. And finally, the Tucson Citizen (what exists of it now) chose our press release to share. Awesome eh?

Yesterday, March 10th, was Rock the Red Pump (or flats): National Women’s & Girl’s HIV/AIDS Awareness Day , “Every 35 minutes, a woman tests positive for HIV in the United States.” Check it out. Did you put on a pair of red pumps? Here are mine:

Sick kids get strawberry and banana smoothies.


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