Language of Love

Yesterday morning I woke to find a vase with flowers on my nightstand, and a basket with a fake rooster, some tissue paper and half a dozen plastic easter eggs on the bed. Inside the easter eggs? Chicks. Not real chicks, paper chicks. But those paper chicks? They represent the real chicks my crazy partner in crime is giving me for my birthday. Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet.

The questions now:
To hatch or not to hatch? Eggs or day olds?
And what chickens? I feel the need for a Silkie Bantam or two and a couple of Partridge Penedesencas. Oh, how I want Cadbury chocolate brown eggs.
When? Summer is too hot and this Spring is already beginning to feel like summer. Hello, 87 degrees on March 16th.
Anyone any ideas as to where you can get Silkie eggs?
Has anyone hatched eggs? Used an incubator or a broody hen?

I should mention that Green isn’t known for his gift giving. Or rather, I’m known for being a sulk every birthday when there isn’t a gift because I can’t push past the idea of an actual gift. Then Green wows me every Mother’s Day (after being made to feel horribly guilty – I hate myself for this emotional blackmail) with some awesome creative thing that makes my heart sing. This year, this year he wowed me for my birthday. It was simple, it didn’t cost more than about $10 for the flowers and the plastic eggs. The fake rooster, the basket and tissue paper were already here, which makes it even better. He created something I’m really excited about. The thing is he wows me pretty much everyday. I mean beyond just being hot, cos he is. And brilliant, cos he is. Green shows love through action and I don’t just mean I get some action. I mean he spends time and energy on things that are important to me, like Swap-O-Rama this past weekend. He lifted, he hauled, he smiled, he greeted, he entertained, he wore the t-shirt, he got his face painted on, all in the name of raising diapers for families in need something important to me.

Photo Credit Melissa Haun

More pictures from Melissa and sharing about Swap-O-Rama soon.

I didn’t expect or want anything yesterday, and for the first time in nine years was at ease with that. The lesson from my friend Trish about understanding that people show their love in different ways is finally beginning to sink in, helped by a loving speech in Green’s languages of love, action and quality time this past weekend. And then he went and surprised me with a gift that represented thought and time.

Do other folks deal with this? Recognizing and coming to terms with this difference in how we show affection (specifically around birthdays) is the one not particularly important thing that we’ve had to work on within our relationship. Anyhow, yesterday was a lovely day. Thank you my dear.

ps. If you’re in Tucson and you haven’t been to HUB down on Congress…totally worth a trip. Yummy Bourbon and Almond Brittle ice cream.



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8 responses to “Language of Love

  1. Aw, Happy Birthday! What a very sweet and thoughtful gesture…and what an exciting gift!

  2. Mum

    Leah, you are so right. Love isn’t about spending money – it is time and thought . Even if it needs training up. I spent about 30 minutes talking with someone your age on St. Patricks night who was moaning about her current partner. She was very drunk! Then she told me what he had given her for her birthday the day before. And I pointed out how lucky she was because he had been able – like Green – to judge what she would really like. Isn’t that better than when you have to say exactly what you want and go and get it.
    And when I got off the train at Prescot at about 9.00 that evening, I even got a kiss for partner advice! And – you will be pleased to hear – I was the only sober one on a three coach train.

  3. Oh I love this. And even though I don’t speak chicken language I am so excited for you to get your babies or egg babies in all their exotic varieties whenever Tucson’s climate will allow! I do struggle with the showing-the-love thing on bdays, Valentines, mum’s day. Rob and I always agree to do nothing but then the time comes and I feel let down often. We’ve edited Valentines to “do something small yet symbolic” because I had a particularly blue reaction a few years ago. Anyways, Green’s chicken basket is the sweetest thing I’ve ever heard of! And he was a huge sport at Swap-O-Rama with his diabolical mustache and all! xoxo and can’t wait to see you soon!

  4. I have never been a woman to expect anything for holidy. Mostly because in my pre Sam days I dated a lot of miserable men. So I always said just being wth him was gift enough. And then I turned thirty and he forgot my bday. And suddenly I cared about some holidays. Now after O was born I warned Sam that in our family we celebrate moms day. I told him before I waspregnant even. And he protested. Eveyday is moms day he would contend. So I knew bettter than to expect anything last May. Sowhat happened? I woke to tulips picked from our garden and a note from O. Simple. Perfect. And more than I expected.

  5. I just can’t stop loving that photo!!!

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