Thump, thump.

“Your battery is dead.” are not the words someone with a defibrillator wants to hear. Apparently, it isn’t completely dead, but the implanted cardiac defibrillator that was originally placed in my chest 13 years ago and then replaced 6 years ago is on its last legs. So in a few hours time I’m getting my battery changed. Wahoooooo!

Alright, I’m not exactly excited about it- the whole surgery, jump starting the heart, people messing with a secondary sexual organ (I’ll explain this another time. Funny nerdy biology story goes along with that explanation.) well, it leaves me rather cold, and of course it is a rather raw reminder of my mortality. I wish I wasn’t so in touch with the whole fragility of life thing, but how lucky am I that such technology exists that means my chances of dying from a cardiac arrest are now lower than the general population. And while I’m being grateful, I’m going to hold my beautiful girl a little tighter and snuggle with my ever patient, kind, brilliant partner. I’m going to hold Andra Jane Dalrymple’s family close in my thoughts and worry less about what might be tomorrow and honor Andra’s memory by expending energy in more constructive thoughts.

This poster from Ork Posters is getting framed this week. Seems appropriate.

Ork Posters Heart



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4 responses to “Thump, thump.

  1. Hope you’re aleady recharged and good to go!

  2. Jackie M.

    AhhhaaaahHHH. Well, good luck you to you. Think of it as your 30,000 mile annual maintenance?

  3. Warm thoughts for fast healing. Love to you all.

  4. Thinking of you mama. Hope you are safe, healthy, and home healing by now ❤

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