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Yep, it is about time again. It has been a while. It is a Thursday Friday and well I can’t hold needles right now, the book I’m reading is too big and the percocet makes me a little too groggy so I’m housebound with only one hand to type with. I should do away with all these superfluous words. I present to you BlogLove X. After several months away I’ve recently stumbled upon a number of blogs I want to share.

First up in the BlogLove Arizona category : Home is a Four-Letter Word

From Gillian's Blog. I hope it was okay to take.

I stumbled across Gillian’s blog about her adventures in home improvement  a couple of weeks ago when she sent an email that was then copied to all the kid’s parents at Bean’s preschool, and within the signature on that email was her blog. Wahoo! Thinks I. I don’t know this lady other than sweating together during Zumba a couple of times, and seeing her drop her offspring off at school, but that makes us tight right? She has a fabulous accent and I suspect a canny sense of humor. Wait, that should be humour. I was right. She may have inspired me enough to threaten Green that I will put the shelves up in the guest room myself  once this sling is off if he doesn’t get to it first. On that note I think we may have married twins separated at birth

Hubby: Dab hand at anything associated with DIY (the guy even designed and made our bed and kitchen table) and probably right when he says he can do a better job than any contractor. But he’s lacking in time and, apparently motivation. He’s a procrastinator and a perfectionist who takes so long when he does tackle a job, that fashions have changed, coastlines have eroded and several Presidents have come and gone in the meantime.

minus the bed and kitchen table add beerzebo and chicken palace, and I  actually think Green has motivation, but his time is very limited.
Anyway, check it out. Hopefully, Gillian doesn’t think I’m a complete weirdo more of a complete weirdo than she already suspects by linking to her here.

Adoption Blog: Adoption in the City -My experience as a new birthmother in New York

As you may have suspected I’ve really been struggling with the adoption thing enough that I haven’t done crap. And then I read something that gets me thinking again. Racilous of Adoption in the City is a thirty year old woman who made the incredibly hard decision to place her son J. for adoption within an open adoption with M & P. She talks frankly about the experience, her love for J., and where she is at now. Racilous writes beautiful, heartfelt words. Today’s post is about the process of picking the potential adoptive parents. Every PAP should read this, and for that matter every adoption agency staff member.

Miscellaneous Bloglove – Tales from the Hood Always good for a slam dunk of reality, this blog is the “rants, raves, and a few confessions about humanitarian aid work…from some of the worst neighborhoods in the global village.” This post is going out tonight for my favorite aid worker R who is in Indonesian. Miss you darlin’. It also goes out for a completely different reason to all those who wonder why I look askance when you suggest that I make pillowcase dresses for little girls in Africa or buy a pair of TOMS. I’m just not convinced that really is the best use of my time or money. Lets talk about other ways okay? This post is for you.



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4 responses to “BlogLove X

  1. Why thank you for the kind words! I don’t mind that you’re a weird stalker if it gets my blog traffic up… ha ha. No, I’m glad cos it’s turned me on to YOUR blog. Which is niftily written, my dear. Keep it up. (And get those shelves up too.) Gillian x

  2. Aw shucks. Now you’ve added a lot of extra minutes to my already too-many-minutes-spent-reading-blogs-a-day with Gillian’s blog…love it! Love that she’s local too–I spend so much time reading house/design blogs but sometimes they feel irrelevant because they are written in different parts of the country…

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