Six years ago this whole recovery thing threw me for a loop as well. I feel like I’ve slept for nearly two weeks and am still exhausted. The thing is this surgery is supposed to be outpatient. I mean, technically mine was outpatient. I got there at 10:30am and stayed about 24 hours before being released, bur in my mind outpatient suggests that you’ll be up and doing your thing lickety split. Which meant that less than a week after the surgery, once I was cleared for driving, I was out at Festival en el Barrio Viejo (so flipping cool), Be Safe Saturday (also flipping cool) and Cyclovia (amazingly cool). I slept basically every other moment. When will I learn?

On a lighter note I had to take pictures for class. Hard not to pick up more than 5 pounds when the request is from Bean, and for a hug.




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5 responses to “Recovery

  1. What a lovely photo!

    (No comment on the rest and learning – you know what you have to do and what you can handle. But seriously, take care of yourself!)

  2. Yes, definitely take care of yourself. And what a precious, lovely, everything-else-sweet-and-nice photo. Just beautiful. I love the composition you chose, and just look at those curls!

  3. Geez she is such a beautiful girl. Watch out when she’s older…

  4. You take it easy, you hear me?!

    Can’t believe how long Bean’s hair is getting. Gorgeous!

  5. Amazing photo, the ethereal curls and striking lashes.
    So glad you’re recovering well, even if it’s slow.

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