Rain. Wet, Wonderful Rain.

Definitely Welly Weather
One of my favorite rain photos from two years ago in Pisa. Did I mention we get to go back for a few weeks very soon?

I’ve recently turned a corner in the whole adoption thing and it means we’re back working on paperwork and I’m really excited about that. More about my navel gazing at another time, but in the meantime K., my plan is to send you some stuff to look over tomorrow. Okay? Today, it is raining in Tucson, grey skies and cool. Who would have thought that within the past week or so it was 95 degrees and now this. Love this weather. We haven’t had near enough precipitation this winter. Love snuggling up with my family. With that in mind here are some rain songs. Do you have any good rainy day music?

and this one because it reminds me of my homeland:



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4 responses to “Rain. Wet, Wonderful Rain.

  1. Julia

    I love the rain. Really. And, nicely it held off as we got ready for today’s trail run. Unfortunately, when the race started, Rain thought it was meant to start them as well. And start it did…. Burr!

  2. I love the rain too! This is my favorite weather actually – cool, cloudy, and raining. I need to move to the Pacific Northwest…

    So in the Here Comes the Rain Again video, why does Annie Lennox get to wear the crazy plaid suit while her backup singers are wearing white suits and doing a perfectly choreographed little dance? They look like they belong on the Ed Sullivan Show in the late 50’s and not in a Eurythmics concert!

  3. My favorite Rain song is Patty Griffin’s Rain – it’s sad, but perfect for melancholy rainy days.

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