Here we are again – Adoption

About a year ago we started seriously moving toward trying to adopt, and then we backed off. Remember the post about the home study application? Well, we’re back on again and this time we’re serious! There is a check list and I’m making serious progress on it, all toward having the home study done. We still need to work out the larger agency, but we’re already further along than last time, and I’m ready. Green? He was always ready, just waiting for me.

Plan: Submit paperwork by end of week next week. I am a woman on a mission. Scratch that. We are a family on a mission.
Adoption Checklist



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9 responses to “Here we are again – Adoption

  1. Yes you are! One thing about adoption, IMO, it helps to on top of the paperwork (!).

  2. Whoot! Baby steps lead to baby steps. 😉

  3. Congrats and welcome back to the wonderful world of adoption!

  4. deserthomespun

    great news!!!

  5. Your photos become ever more artistic. And I love your blog… always!

  6. GREAT news. I wish you the very best. What an exciting time.

  7. Emily Achenbaum Harris

    This is very exciting and I’ll be watching for updates. Good luck to you!

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