Cinquecentro in Red with Little People for Size Comparison

We’re back. At least physically we are. Mentally, I’m still in Florence sipping chugging chianti and devouring mozzarella di Bufala Campana. I’m going to surround myself with pictures of Fiat’s Cinquecento, open up a bar of Novi Nocciolato Gianduja, pour a glass of wine (perhaps not, drinking in the middle of the day with just a dog and two cats for company might be suspect) and relive a little of the past three weeks before picking up my child who has been up since 2am this morning. Hello jet lag.



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2 responses to “Cinquecento

  1. Mum

    Hey, not so much of the ‘little’ people! Looking at one of the little people in this photo, I think by the time she doubles her age she will not longer be a ‘little’ person, but I will!

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