Mad Dash AKA Home Study Minus Three Days

Yep, three days until the first home study visit. I think I’m supposed to be washing walls, or baseboards. Honestly, our house is just not going to look like a model home ever. It is a cute, dainty, modest first home bungalow from the 1950s. Our furniture is mismatched and recently some pieces are puppy chewed (Waaaaaaaaaalllllllllllllace ). It has the feel of a house is in lived in, which of course it is.

So what are we doing? We’re putting up pictures that have been sitting behind the sofa since we painted the living room last year and removing the stickers that a certain four-year old likes to stick to every mirror surface. Bean and I are sanding down the beat up dining room chairs that don’t match the dining room table and I’m spraying them white so hopefully they don’t look like something we just dumpster dived or left them out in the sun too long (the latter is true). We’re finally getting the towel rack and toilet paper holder up that have been sitting in their packages for five years in the master bathroom. I’m decluttering every flat surface in the house, and the sloped surfaces. Bean can dust then. Oh, how she loves to clean, must be something she gets from her father’s side, or perhaps just skips a generation. She also hums when she eats (totally me) and wakes up like a cranky pants (not me, but someone sleeping right next to me).

Do they look in your closets? I may have to do a little organization there.

Finally, we’re making an addition to the chicken coop. A hatchery/infirmary. We also have an isolation ward set up that Bean and I made last week while Green was on the mountain doing the telescope thing. We’re having some pecking problems. Yeah, I don’t think that the social worker will give a crap about the hatchery either, but we have eggs arriving today and luckily a broody hen who’ll love to sit. We hope. A little more distraction from our work.

Will post pictures when it is all good and clean and my camera is fixed : (. Pictures of the chicken hatchery AND the house. Wish us luck. We certainly need it. Maybe we should just have the whole home study meeting outside in the back yard. Just have to cover up the beer making equipment and the zip-line so as to not suggest delinquency and reckless behavior.



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18 responses to “Mad Dash AKA Home Study Minus Three Days

  1. KC

    I bet it feels so nice to have the house in order. I would think they’d want to see a house that is home and not something from a catalog that a child can’t be comfortable in…. Best of luck!!

  2. hilaryshort

    What a beautiful picture!

  3. Bryn

    Your efforts will not go unnoticed, and I love your recount of the randomness of pulling pictures from behind the sofa after months/years (something I would totally do) and figuring out how to make the banged up chairs appear as if there was a chosen aesthetic (LOL)… but it is your heart that makes your home so worthy of this new addition, and that will shine through above all else. Mwah…

  4. Hi…good luck on your homestudy. Don’t go too crazy cleaning, I did that the first time around. I literally cleaned the light bulbs in the fixtures! I organized every closet, the garage, etc…and they never looked! We have had several more and we just do normal clean up and a little windex!

    Take care!

    • I washed the light fixtures in the bathroom. Oh, boy they look it better, but the house is still dusty and cluttered. I’ll try to keep it in check. Some close friends had a house study where the SW whipped out a thermometer to check the temperature of the hot water. Just a little nervous.

  5. Sigh … that really is a lovely picture.

  6. Dumb mom

    Good luck! And if they don’t like your humble tell them to go lay an egg. In your beautifully renovated hatchery! Too early for jokes. And really hope it goes well?

  7. deserthomespun

    Good luck – and try to relax! Soon you’ll have another little one making your house a home and you’ll look back at this time & smile!

    And that is a fabulous pic!

  8. Mum

    Well how did it go?

  9. Wow. I am just so full of joy for your family. This is huge! Amazing! Wonderful! (and I’m not talking about the chickens). You’re wonderful! Gah! Good luck, but you don’t really need it, you guys are awesome. I can’t wait to hear more about this process that Rob and I will probably be beginning roughly 5 years from now. xo

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