Two out of Twelve Ain’t Bad

Okay, it isn’t great either, but check it out: Last Friday our broody hen became a mama hen to two chicks- a white silkie bantam and a Partridge Penedescena chick. We’ll see how it goes. It is hot in Tucson. Heading toward 110 degrees Farenheit. While chicks like it warm, in the 90s, 110 is rather high. It is wonderful though to watch the mama hen with the chicks. For an animal with such a small brain Mama Hen has a surprising number of behaviors specific to being a mama ex. the sweet different clucking noises for different foods.

No news yet on the homestudy and the stack of materials from our big agency remains untouched. I really need to get a better pattern going with work and exercise so that I can get everything in.



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4 responses to “Two out of Twelve Ain’t Bad

  1. ohwhimsicalme

    Exercise…why is it that exercise is the activity on the to do list that most often doesn’t get done?

  2. Cheryl Ryan

    A quote from a friend of mine:
    “No one appreciates the genius of my conversation, nor my unique sense of humor, quite so much as my chickens.”

  3. lia

    Yea for new chicks.

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