Colorado, I love you.

No, really I do and I want to go back very soon – to cool mornings and balmy, but not BALMY hot afternoons. I want to go back to creeks or cricks, dependent on whether you speak English or some Nebraskan version of the language. To green grass, aspens and pines. To rhubarb in the meadow by the spring and dandelions enough to last for weeks. I want to go back.

We spent the long holiday weekend up on the Western slope of the Colorado Rockies at Green’s Aunt and Uncle’s cabin. Well not exactly in the cabin, we camped close by though. The last time we were up here was some years ago, before we were married, before we had Bean. It was even more beautiful this time. I promise to share more photos soon.

We made it back to Tucson in the wee hours of Wednesday morning after driving for 16 hours straight. Okay, Green drove for 16 hours straight. He drove and I read two books which I’m not even going to share the titles of because so they are wonderfully trashy I fear you may never talk to me again. I offered to drive. I played I-spy with a certain four year old and I read and now I must sleep.



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4 responses to “Colorado, I love you.

  1. Yea for Colorado! At this time of year, I really miss living there…

  2. Laura

    please share the trashy books? I’m in need of summer reading material, and “trashy” could be right up my alley!

  3. Thought I should let you know that my grandparents lived in Queens, NYC, all their lives, and yes there was a “crick” down the road. Go figure.

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