Adoption Home Study Update

Thought it was about time for an update, especially as I just finished chatting with Kristin from Parenthood Path who is just plain awesome. Thank you Kristin for talking and listening and prompting me to think for the past couple of hours. However, I must say I am not sure how grateful I should be for the additional blogs to investigate that you suggested.

The latest news is nothing. Well not nothing. Our homestudy report is with the judge. Once he or she approves us (hopeful) then we can start making more noise and putting it out there that we’re hoping to adopt. Fingers crossed the judge will approve.



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4 responses to “Adoption Home Study Update

  1. Monica

    XO fingers crossed over here!

  2. You are so welcome! It was fun chatting with you. I am excited to keep watching your journey unfold. What a great momma you are!

  3. There is no doubt… the judge will approve! That said, I’d be on pins and needles too. But honestly, if I’d trust my child with your, then that judge certainly would.

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