Miscellaneous Ramblings (Again with the late night posting)

It is after one and I’m sitting in bed next to Bean who is obviously have a dream about cooking. She murmurs, “Mummy, we need to buy the chocolate and melt it.” (the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.) I’m waiting for my fabulous SIL to arrive along with our niece and her boyfriend. Enough house guests in need of separate sleeping quarters that we pulled Bean into our room for ease sake. I guess Bean and her cousin could share a room, but this first night maybe Bean should be here with us. In part because of the sleep talking. This afternoon she woke herself up from nap singing loudly. It was hysterical. Luckily, she laughed too. I think I was a little older when I started with the talking coherently in my sleep, but am pretty sure I did. I like having her close and hearing this little insight into her mind. Bean and I keep talking about making a dessert from the cookbook Aunt Suzanne sent a couple of winters ago, but the prospect of cooking in the afternoon during Tucson summer is not appealing to either of us and so we haven’t yet.

I talked with our local adoption agency this morning and they’re about to follow up with the courts to see where our home study is at. I’ve been prompted into action to work on our profile so that we’re all ready to go. I actually have a fairly solid first draft, but it is so difficult to condense it down, to pick out the photos. Are too many of Bean off putting, suggesting there isn’t enough space for a second or just a demonstration of how important our children are to us and a little brother or sister would be as adored? First draft doesn’t include pictures of the pets. Or us with our friends. How do you say who you are, how you parent, and what you are committed to doing in an open adoption relationship? Oy!

In lighter news, did I mention the field of dandelions up at Aunt Helen and Uncle Gary’s cabin? It was kid heaven. In four days despite concerted efforts we were unable to make our way through all of them.



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3 responses to “Miscellaneous Ramblings (Again with the late night posting)

  1. Rebecca

    Heh. I was just getting ready to go to bed, and feeling a teeny bit homesick and lonely. I clicked on the ol’ email one last time for today, just in case something good had arrived…and there was your post. Just what I needed right then, to feel still connected to my life before the here and now. I miss you guys…and please keep on blogging! Glad to hear that it’s all going well, and that you’re smart enough to enjoy it all.

  2. Agree, with both comments. A new post from TucsonMama or Grow! are always welcome as they decrease the distance between us. Would LOVE a bit of insight to your life R! When can we expect a blog?

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