I have exactly 13 minutes to write and post this tonight.
Local blogger Becca of Our Crazy Boys has been shouting from the rooftops about Aquatic Awareness since she began blogging at Our Crazy Boys. Spurred by the recent drownings in Arizona she is organizing a CPR Class this Saturday. Just three days ago a 9 year old had to be pulled from the pool here in Tucson and luckily their parents knew CPR. As someone who is here only because others knew CPR I’m going to encourage all to attend. Go on. Pleaseeee. If you want to join in the fun email Becca at ourcrazyboys dot com. I’m going to dig out the ol’ Safe Kids materials and take them with if I can. Phew. Done with a minute to spare. Night night all.



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4 responses to “#SaveALife

  1. lia

    I’m going! Can’t wait to meet you.

  2. Came by on a pointer from Ashleigh Burroughs and I’m finding some points of covergence. That big, red A, for one. Watch for me; I’ll be around.

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