Tucson Bloggers Meet Up to Save A Life

Well, at least we’re somewhat prepared now. The very lovely Becca of Our Crazy Boys organized a CPR training which I referred to in the last post. I got to meet some brilliant folks, including the amazing Ashleigh Burrows and Lia of My Craft Evolution (It turns out Lia and I worked in the same place about a decade ago. I just knew she looked familiar) and renew and update my knowledge of CPR for infants, children and adults. I swear CPR has changed in just the past few years. Our instructors were from the local non-profit Save-A-Life Foundation which consists of off-duty Tucson Fire Department folks and they were brilliant instructors. Have you been trained in CPR? Recently? If not in the past few years do yourself a favor and get certified or re-certified in CPR. If you’re local I recommend this group highly. They’ll even come out to teach private groups. I’m going to ask for Bean’s Preschool, see if I can get a group of parents together that might be interested.


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