Hunkering Down

We’re hunkering down here. No news yet to share. We’ve been readying the baby’s room. Trying to persuade the cat that the crib is not for her to lounge in and in fact her and her feline friend are not welcome in the baby’s room. Of course, my guess is that the baby will end up in our room for the first six months. Safest place for a babe to be they say. Actually, I have to write something up about that right now for work.

In fun news, Green and Bean are thoroughly enjoying the new-to-us trail bike we picked up. Awesome, eh? They ride to school every day on it. Bean has that sh*t-eating grin on her face the whole way. We need to get an additional post for my bike too. And Granny has been with us for the past week which has been lovely.

Back to pretending to be totally zen about the whole adoption thing. Just letting it go. Can not control what is going to happen, only how I react. Ommmmmmmmm


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