Letting Go

Yep, still around waiting, wondering, hoping. Trying to keep our excitement controlled.

We’ve had a fair number of people mention how zen we’re being about a situation that clearly is emotionally charged. Adoption often always is. For someone who likes to plan (me-ignore my desk that isn’t an indicator of how I love to plan) letting go and being okay and not stressing too much about what is going to happen is tough. In the past two months since we met Big Mama, I’ve learned so much, in part about how I respond to stress. Knowing Big Mama, interacting with her pretty frequently helps. This is someone we care about, someone we respect. She has to make this difficult decision and knowing that it is hers to make means I have no choice but to let go of the need to control. Hopefully, no matter what the outcome in the next week I will take that lesson with me.


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One response to “Letting Go

  1. Moni

    Calmly thinking about you all!


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