Welcome Fall – Sod off Croup

Across the blog world there are pictures of pretty burnt orange, rust and brown leaves and poetic words about the changing of the seasons. Yeah, you won’t find those here. As a friend just stated (on that social media site that keeps changing it up to keep us on our toes) “You people call it fall. We call it third summer.” Another shared this description of Southern Arizona seasons:

Dec 21-Jan 10 Winter
Jan 11-April 1 Summer 1
April 2- October 1 Hell
October 2-Dec 20 Summer 2

I’m not sure if I’d quite to describe it like that, but you get the idea. I flipping love Fall. I loved Fall in the UK too, all mists and fogs, leaves changing, chestnuts etc. Here we appreciate other signs. The temperatures here will begin to drop toward the 80s, they already have a little and you can now venture out for a few minutes even a midday without feeling completely overwhelmed by the heat. We actually turned the swamp cooler off for a day and it really wasn’t too bad. Pomegranates are ripening. The cactus doesn’t look like it is on its last legs.
Anyway, today is the first day of Fall and in this house we had no back to earth post dripping with beautiful words about the cycle of life. Nope, just a promise there will be a post about croup shortly because that is how we welcomed Fall in this house at 4am. Grrrr



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6 responses to “Welcome Fall – Sod off Croup

  1. Great picture!!! Love the description of the seasons in Tucson. We’re in Spring here in the summer hemisphere and we have 3 different seasons in one moment, depending on if you are standing in the sunlight, shadow or the wind.

    Love you guys and sending you plenty of zen strength (though I have to find some to send you, not so zen myself πŸ˜‰ )

  2. umm… that was the “southern hemisphere” but it is Africa… so we’re never that far from summer πŸ™‚

  3. I was optimistic that fall was on it’s way about 2 weeks ago when we were able to open windows at night for 2 whole days in a row… But that little hot spell at the end of this week was not nice! I hope it’s coming now, I’m itching to get back outside for hours on end again.

    Also sending positive thoughts your way…I agree with others that you seem very zen about the whole thing, I would be a complete wreck! Hoping exciting news comes for you very soon…

  4. Oh God I hate croup. It freaks me out. ‘Sweetpea’ had it several times and it was serious, requiring nebulizers and chest x-rays and whatnot. So my thoughts are with you. Hot steamy showers! And co-sleeping. I never did feel comfortable letting her sleep on her own in that state.
    Autumn is my fave season too. Memories of kicking up leaves in Edinburgh and the start of the new term at Uni. Luvverly. Can’t wait to hear your news. xx

  5. To my mind the two of the best things about blogging are following the changing seasons around the globe, and watching and waiting for new arrivals.
    Sorry about the croup!
    Thinking of you:)
    pamela xxx

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