Introducing Justin

It is just over a year since I handed in my resignation. Of course, it took a little longer for me to actual leave, but still we’re heading up on a year, and what a year. Sometimes, I do miss the students I worked with. Mostly it was young adults just starting out, figuring out what they’re passionate about and pursuing those dreams. I got to help, just a little, but still.

I love running into my old students. Hearing what they’re up to and where they’re going. A few months ago I ran into Justin at a large warehouse store where he was stocking up on healthy foods. I was stocking up on healthy foods too, and not so healthy foods. We got to talking. He graduated this past year. His plan, to bike across the country, practically coast to coast. Why? To raise funds for the Make A Wish Foundation. Oh, and by bike I don’t mean motorbike, I mean road bike. Anyway, I’ve been reading along on his travels via his blog, Wish from Coast to Coast, and he is hysterical. I mean, the guy can tell a tale.

My phone was at 9% total battery life and my laptop was completely powerless… just as I was feeling. LIGHT BULB. I needed food yet didn’t want to move. Papa John’s delivery baby, directly to my tent! I used the last bit of charge on my cell phone to request a large cheese pizza and a Vitamin Water. The young lady at the other end of the phone paused for some time when I told her I was in a tent at Parrish Park and that I would be near the soccer goal to meet the driver.

The kid is smart, funny and good hearted, I promise fabulous travel tales of a lovely young man on his bike making friends as he helps kids in need. So go on, head over and say hi to Justin. See if he has been to your state. Help make a wish come true by donating to Make A Wish Foundation on his site. And please share.


Justin, I nicked your picture hope that is okay.


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