Hello Diapers!

Ahhh, diapers how I’ve missed you. Okay, maybe not so much, but we’re loving having the need to use diapers again. We cloth-diapered Bean and while we handed down most of that stash we did have some left, we’re just finding that a little boy’s diapering needs maybe a wee bit different. So one of today’s goals is investigating what might work best for Fox.

In other diapering news, have you heard about the Diaper Act?

The introduction of the Diaper Act (H.R. 3134) to the House of Representatives is a step forward in helping struggling families get back to work. If you’ve read here before you may know that WIC and SNAP (Food Stamps) don’t cover diapers and the vast majority of daycares won’t accept cloth diapers. The Diaper Act seeks only a definitional change to how Child Care Development Funds can be used for diapers so that more families can access child care and get back to work. This does NOT mean more taxes, it is merely a definitional change, and really what parent, what human can argue with making sure that babes have a healthy change of diapers so their parents can get back to work? Want to help? Go ahead and sign the petition.

Call your representatives and tell them you support the Diaper Act HR 3134. Share information about the Diaper Act on Twitter, Facebook, and via blogging. There is lots more information at Help A Mother Out


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