Beyond January 8th – Celebrating Life

January 8th
We had just been at the  Tucson Symphony Orchestra’s Just for Kids program when we heard the news on the radio. The news was confused and shocking and we didn’t want to shut it off, but in the back was Bean, three almost four years old and she could understand that we were upset. Pulling up at Time Market on University, we saw others hugging, consoling one another, sharing the awful news. We turned the radio off. The news was only repeating what they didn’t know.

For months after our daughter talked about that day, talked about the sick, sick man, the people who were hurt, the young and the old whose lives were taken from them. We talked. We reached out and connected, our little – big town.

This Saturday, January 7th, we move BEYOND. There is a whole host of events organized around commemorating those who died, celebrating the spirit of togetherness that we share in this beautiful place, committing to building a stronger community. BEYOND was conceived by members of Gabe Zimmerman’s family in the weeks following January 8th, 2011. Suzi Hileman has a lovely event planned as part of BEYOND too. We’re going to do what Tucson does, we’re going to remember and celebrate this home, this place, these people, this community that we love. Tucson friends are you going? Here are some of the particularly family friendly events highlighted.



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4 responses to “Beyond January 8th – Celebrating Life

  1. I love our little big town. I remember listening to live coverage on NPR and the phone ringing. It was my neighbor, and she knew something was wrong. I felt silly blubbering through sobs on the phone about an event that, to her, was thousands of miles away. I don’t think people here understand the sense of community, trust, and hope that can emerge from the people in a big city. In all honesty, there are some in the Midwest that could learn a little from this little big town. I am so proud of Tucson, going BEYOND. Thank you for continuing to be my inspiration.

  2. Same here…will certainly never forget it. It was so close to home, literally and emotionally. All of a sudden, my boys learned about “mental illness” and inexplicable violence… We didn’t participate in anything organized last weekend, but instead spent the weekend together as a family, it was nice, and January 8th never left my mind. So proud to see Tucson rise above…

    • It’s not even ‘Do you remember when you heard?’, because we all do. How did you make it feel? What was the impact? Thanks for sharing OurFamilyGoes and Leah.

      Whether we were living away right now or not. I hate that it happened, but so impressed with how our community responded and forever in awe of the survivors who have responded to this with positive action like Suzi’s GRIN and Patricia Maich and Col. Bill Badger’s involvement in the Mayors Against Illegal Guns.

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