Don’t Worry it isn’t My Cold I’m Giving Away

For those on Debbie Koenig’s Parents Need to Eat Blog Tour. Welcome back to Tucson, Arizona. Yes, there is giveaway information below. 

Three out of four of us have come down with the sniffles and a nice, raspy cough that rattles around the chest. The fourth member of the family is currently on a night time mountain bike ride, just in case you’re wondering who has yet to fall victim. The guilty party who introduced the dreaded virus is now bouncing around enough to go back to the pit of infection and bring home a new virus, leaving me and Fox to barricade ourselves in and steel ourselves with milk for him and soup for me.

Parents Need to Eat Too by Debbie Koenig

One of my favorite soups is a Lentil and Brown Rice soup that Debbie Koenig introduced me to. It’s in her new cookbook Parents Need to Eat Too. It truly is an easy soup to put together when you’re feeling less than stellar, in need of something good and hearty and don’t really want to venture out to get loads of supplies.

Prior to Bean’s aversion to any food that appeared to be a combination of more one than item, we used this soup a lot in the winter. Now, she would turn her nose up at the rice and lentils and occasional tomato daring to display their presence next to one another in her bowl. I could puree it and make it look uniform, but I have an aversion to such behavior. It takes time, but more importantly I want Bean and Fox, when the time comes for him to eat solid foods, to know and appreciate  vegetables (despite making a sauerkraut cake this week for Bean’s birthday .- How’s that for sneaking a vegetable in?)  So we’ve been struggling to get Bean to eat the soup recently.

On Monday night the tide turned. I took Debbie’s recent sharing on her Facebook  page of a tip she found elsewhere and I applied it to her soup and voila, we have heart shaped carrots in Lentil and Brown Rice soup.

Bean was ecstatic about the hearts. It was, after all, the day before Valentine’s which is also Bean’s birthday. The response went something like this when Bean saw the carrots atop the soup.

Hearts, hearts, hearts. I love hearts. Thank you Mummy.

Sweet eh? Then we proceeded to count how many heart carrots everyone got in their soup…did she really get the most? How many were there compared to regular carrots?  She ate the heart carrots, and the regular carrots, and the lentils, and the tomatoes with absolutely no complaint. Fabulous. I’m quite willing to cut a few shapes if it encourages her to eat her vegetables. You might consider it hiding in plain sight, but I’m okay with that. Plus, a math lesson to boot.

One of the aspects of Debbie’s book, blog and Facebook page I truly appreciate is her willingness  and ability to share tips and sources be it for making her foods into baby food or encouraging even the pickest child to enjoy the food you’re cooking (of course the focus is recognizing that you, rushed and harried, do need to eat too). Of course, I can see how great the book is, because it is right next to me and you can’t look because it isn’t even out yet. This sad fact can be changed. Debbie and her publisher, HarperCollins have provided me with a copy to giveaway. Leave a comment here, or/and on any of the posts starting with Dang it, Parents Need to Eat Too and since until 8pm MST February 20th, and I’ll enter your name to a drawing to win a copy of the book. What that means, you can read about my heart stuff, leave a comment about heart stuff and be entered to win. You can leave another comment on a recipe post or a Tucson post and be entered a second time and third time. If that isn’t enough, go over and check the book tour and stack the odds in your favor by commenting far and wide. Yes, there are some big name bloggers on the tour, but don’t forget the smaller ones, the odds are probably better there and there are some gems there. Oh yeah, and if you’re trying for a copy for yourself and perhaps buying one for some friends who are expecting a new baby, pre-order the book before February 21 and receive a FREE Digital Starter Kit including bonus recipes, a gift card, and more.

The coldless one has been back from his night time mountain bike ride for a few hours now, Baby Fox has just polished off his 2:30am feed and now it is time to get a few hours of shut-eye before the five year old wakes.



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17 responses to “Don’t Worry it isn’t My Cold I’m Giving Away

  1. Oh oh! Pick me! I need tips on how to get the kids to way more veggies!

  2. Sam and I have been trying to hard to continue eating good food that I had to break down and make a “food calendar” on the fridge. Basically a junk mail envelope flipped over with the days of the week scribbled on it and a tentative list of what we are to eat each night. M, T, and Th meals have to be quick because of evening events, leaving Wed and Fridays as “meccas” where we can enjoy a more complex meal. They system has worked well because it helps me plan my shopping list for the week and there’s no arguing about what to eat. But we are running out of ideas for “easy” but hearty and tasty meals. I’ve never wanted a book so badly!! Mostly because meal times has become a constant bone of contention between my spouse and I!!

  3. I can’t wait to see this book. I hope the soup did the trick…those heart-shaped carrots are ingenious!

  4. Katie aka chart

    Oooh! I want my husband to make me rainbow cookies and carrot hearts!

  5. KC

    I really need this book! I’m always cooking one handed! And breastfeeding at the same time.

  6. I LOVE that the heart-shaped carrots worked for Bean! Unfortunately for me, my kid’s on to all my tricks. Harry carefully transferred every.single.carrot from his chicken soup to mine, then gobbled down the noodles & broth that remained.

  7. Jenn

    This recipe sounds fab – yum!

  8. Heather

    The baby’s eating good, homemade food, but we’re not! I’m definitely interested in Debbie’s book. Feel better!

  9. Oh, I want this book. You know my kid is the pickiest eater on the planet. And so is my husband. I am willing that book to come in my direction!

  10. Hey – How ’bout this? I win your give away and use that book myself AND I pre-order one to give as a gift! (Thanks for “introducing” me to Debbie. I look forward to learning a lot from her.)

    Hope you and Luca feel better soon.

  11. ohwhimsicalme

    I am interested in trying this new cookbook. I feel that we are eating the same meals every week. I would like to add variety to our week. Thanks!

  12. Moni

    I am convinced. I think it is the heart shaped carrots that put me over the edge. No- the pride cake looks far to delicious. No- a delicious recipe for rice and lentils that is fast and easy could make my life meaningful again. So many reasons to want this book.

  13. This is totally the book we need. Thanks for the offer.

  14. Ilana

    Oh! Oh! Oh! We eat ‘Whaddaya got fried rice’ weekly. I need more recipes like that. I might start with the lentils and rice above, though I don’t think even heart shaped carrots will make it palatable for the younger set

  15. Alicia D.

    I am expecting my first child and would LOVE this book! I am so happy a friend told me about this!

  16. Heather-bo-bether

    This book sounds great! I want!

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