Second Installment is Up! Me and My Bionic Breast

While Fox naps, and then late into the night, I work. I love my job. I love the freedom it gives me to be involved in areas I am passionate about, health, science, families, and community using my education, all from the comfort of my home. Occasionally, there is a piece I want, maybe even feel the need to share here:

The most recent post  is the second part of an installment about my personal heart issues, part of what I hope will be a larger series of women sharing their health stories on TMC for Women. Of course, I didn’t call it Me and My Bionic Breast over there. The first installment is here too. While you’re there take a look around. Julie of TucsonMama has joined me over there and has some posts coming up that are relevant.
A little excerpt:

My father tells me that it was only when I was able to explain the history behind the name of my recently adopted dog that he knew I was going to be OK, that I was fighting to keep hold of not only my physical self, but me. And I was winning.

My first memory is from over a week later, waking and my parents gently explaining why I was in the hospital. The doctors didn’t know why my heart rhythm had gone crazy and then stopped completely. They call it idiopathic ventricular fibrillation, or “we have no idea why the electrical circuitry in you heart went nuts.

Go on, go take a gander. Let me know what you think.



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7 responses to “Second Installment is Up! Me and My Bionic Breast

  1. Bryn

    Rachel, I am floored by your recount of this serious medical event and your recovery and the technology that today acts as an insurance policy for you against a future event. Thank you SO MUCH for sharing this with the world. I will be emailing and sharing with so many women I know who would never imagine this can happen to a young woman, or even a middle aged woman! Invaluable, thank you.

  2. Moni

    Dear, I went to a funeral yeserday of a dear, competent, young colleague who died in his sleep from a heart attack on Friday. Young, intelligent and healthy. I think of you often. Take care! XO.

  3. Good on you! I especially liked the British take on CPR.

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