After the Lenten post about the 40 bags in 40 days (didn’t accomplish) I decided to also do a no posting to the blog which I obviously managed. (Of course, I was over at TMC for Children and TMC for Women posting away. Check it out and please like TMC for Children and TMC for Women on Facebook too.)

Why blog thought I? I started a blog back in 2004 about our desert garden, it didn’t last too long. In 2007 there was the almost mandatory, we have a new baby, share tales with friends and family blog. It didn’t last too long either. Then in 2009 there was A Little Gnocchi – a blog about living in Italy for close to 7 months at the request of those who wanted to live vicariously through us. When we returned from Italy this blog was born out of request from friends and family near and far to carry on.

What would I blog about?

Why should I blog?

Should I blog?

Adoption was on our mind, which proved a much more convoluted mental path than I could have imagined, and healthcare, diapers, and of course,Tucson.

What did I expect to achieve? I’m not sure. I wanted to carry on that connection for friends and family that asked. I wanted to have a platform, however narcissistic that sounds, to shout in my small blog voice about political issues that were/are important to me, to participate in discussions in this arena. A mishmash of things.

I think I still want to do that.
-We’ve finalized the adoption of Fox, but the adoption process didn’t end there. Adoption is part of our lives. Its delights and quandaries are every present. There are questions asked continually, mainly about open adoption, that I could address here.  Not specifics of the relationship with Big Mama and Big Sis, but more general stuff.

-Tucson is ever the evolving place, which I love, well except for the part that is devolving to consider Jesse Kelly as candidate. Dear God help us if he gets in.

-We’re pressing on with the garden and the chickens. That Desert Chickens and their Hen House- Lessons Learned post, gets hits every single day. I think there is a veritable explosion of chicken lovers in the desert. I want bees, really, but the whole small kids and bees thing isn’t so appealing. I wonder if the community garden does bees. Hmmmm.

So, I’m back in case you missed us. While we were gone we went to England to introduce Fox to the cross-the-pond family. A photo from there to end this  post on.


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